Publication Parsing & Agent Customer Data

Created in 1981 by a delivery carrier to relieve the stress and paperwork of handling multiple publications the Home Delivery Software manages an active subscriber database and helps maintain current route lists in sync with the publishers.  The software makes the delivery of publications smoother by routing customers automatically and providing printouts with stops, publications to delivery and route directions for carriers to follow.

Communication between publications and carriers is a snap with the Home Delivery Software. It takes electronic mail from publishers including complaints, holds and stops and converts it daily for updates to the customer database.  It takes all the paperwork and does the work for you.  It converts 8 hours of work down to 5 minutes a day. 

The Home Delivery Software supports multiple publications for as many customers as you need. We have some agents handling 30-40 thousand customers daily with our software. It even supports our automated parsing which will convert any data from any publisher into a usable format for the carrier.  

Our Home Delivery Software comes complete with support for all levels of computer skill. We even can provide hands on training over the internet with our remote access to any PC.  Full software support is available 8am to 12pm daily PST.

Our software helps deliver USA Today, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Daily News, Variety, Daily Bulletin, Star News, Whittier News, Daily tribune, San Bernardino Sun, Daily Fax, Investor Business Daily, Financial Times, Chinese Daily News and Sung Toa, throughout southern California.

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