Have you ever been so fed up with your computer setup that you wanted to just throw it out with the trash?  Why don’t you?  Just switch to our Remote Network Service.

Imagine a desktop that is free of Spam, free of Viruses, free of Adware, free of Spyware, and free of annoying Pop-Ups.  A desktop where your data is secure and backed up every night.  A desktop that always boots, always prints, and never freezes up.  Now imagine that you can access that desktop from anywhere in the world from a Web Browser with Internet access. 

You’re thinking its all a dream?  Absolutely not.  Expert Networks’ Remote Network Service makes this dream a reality.  Your company get all the features of the very best enterprise-class networks for your business for a fraction of the cost and without the hassle.  Each employee will have their own personalized desktop that can accessed from anywhere.  We can even provide low cost terminals so you don't need to upgrade computers.

Here's how it works:  With the Remote Network Service we provide the servers, switches, firewalls, software and support at our local data facility.  All you need is an internet connection and you can access your personal desktop from anywhere in the world through our network of terminal servers. With that connection you get a complete company network without the annoyances of Adware, Spyware, Viruses and Pop-Ups. Our data center is completely redundant so if there are network issues you never know about it.  Your data and information is so important that we back it up nightly.  We can even come out to your site, and collect all you data to upload into our system.

Let Expert Networks focus on protecting and hosting your data with our Remote Network Service so you can focus on doing business. 

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