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Parsing - To analyze or separate data into more easily processed components.

In today's technological age data moves much like our highways and freeways.   When properly designed everything moves smoothly.  But sometimes an old outdated interchange can cause a serious traffic jam.  When companies send information formats are not always compatible.  So we revert back to our old interchange of manual data entry.  It's slow and no longer cost effective.  Let Expert Networks open up those transitions and let your information flow freely.     

Expert Networks' solution is totally automated and doesn't require any additional software.   In a matter of days our system can be programmed to transfer your data.  Our parsing engine takes ANY data from ANY publisher and organizes it into ANY deliverable format for ANY client based on their needs. 

How does it work?  Our system is internet based.  The XNI PARSER is set up 24x7x365 to receive your data and retransmit out according to your customers needs.  You data is safely converted with efficiency and totally security.  Costs are predictable and tracked within the system. We are the glue to link your business with every customer nationwide.   

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